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Making Shipowners Business Easy
A one-stop integrated platform incorporating AI technology
With a team of marine professionals and coupled with AI data, Marine Online provides feasible solutions to vessels sailing globally. We have unified and digitalize information to benefit the maritime industry.
By implementing advance technology into the traditional practices, we aim to make business processes easier for Bunkering, Chartering, Crewing, Marine Insurance, Marine Supply, Port Agency, S&P (Sales & Purchase) in a single platform – Marine Online.
0% Commission Open Cargo Matching
Digitizing the chartering process, as easy as using any taxi-hailing app
Marine Online provides real-time Cargo Smart-Matching Solutions based on the different types of Vessels, DWT, Open Position, and Availability Dates. Upon a successful match through the platform, our competence team personnel will take charge of the entire process, without any brokerage commission from ship owners.
Consolidated Volume for Major Savings and Greater Service
Due to purchase limitations for the small and medium fleet of vessels, it has always been a challenge to obtain competitive pricing coupled with quality services in all seaports. Marine Online has initiated the “Global Shipowner Alliance” campaign, with the ultimate objective to consolidate purchase volume, leading to significant reduced pricing. Qualifying members are entitled to apply up to US$ 1 Million of credit line and benefit from the access to mark down prices through volume consolidation.
Global Network, Professional Services
Every order you placed online is handled by over 5000 Authorised Service Providers. These are distinctively hand-picked from local ports that adhere to standard service policy. Our premium online experience connects you to more than 150 like-minded shipping professionals to support your needs throughout the entire business ecosystem. You can rely on our experience to achieve long-lasting success.
Our Global Shipowner Alliance
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*Data accurate as at 8 Aug 2020