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Cash to Master Amount: US$30,000

Other Providers

Service Fee: US$475

(Based on an average of 1.25%, handling fee and service fee)

Service Fee: US$198

(Flat fee, all-inclusive)

Benefits of Using Marine Online Cash to Master

Value for Money

Most affordable rate compared to others


Visibility on all transactions with robust processes


Not outsourced but in-house staff

Competitive Fixed Rate

No hidden fees, regardless of any time of the day or any day of the week

Additional Discounts

Purchase ship supplies and provisions

How it Works


Apply Cash to Master online and we will contact you upon receiving your order.


Email us the remittance advice once it is done.


We will confirm required denomination with Master.


Cash delivered onboard.

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More information about our cash to master services

When arriving at a new port, one of the most important things a crew requires is money. Shipowners will have to obtain the local currency using a Cash to Master service. Marine Online now offers a Cash to Master service for shipowners at an extremely attractive price, without any sort of hidden fees.

Why choose Marine Online over other providers?

Traditionally, service providers will charge a fee based on a percentage of cash exchanged. This would mean that the higher the amount of money exchanged, the higher the fee you have to pay to the Cash To Master service provider. However, with Marine Online, customers only need to pay a flat fee of US$198, regardless of the amount of money exchanged. This will lead to great savings, especially when exchanging large sums of money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for Cash to Master?

All shipowners and ship management companies are eligible to apply for Cash to Master.

Do I have to pay a fee to apply for and use Cash to Master?

There is a flat service fee of US$198 without any other additional charges. This service fee is inclusive of launch charges as well.

What happens if the vessel did not call port to receive the cash?

Marine Online will return the Cash to Master principal amount to shipowner, excluding bank charges.

Which countries are Cash to Master available in?

Cash to Master is currently available in Singapore. More countries will be included in the near future.

What happens if the cash is not remitted 2 day before the vessel ETA?

It is recommended to remit that stated amount at least 2 workings day prior to vessel’s arrival date. Any late remittance will result in late or failure of delivery and Marine Online will not be liable for this case.

What currency will the cash be provided in?

This is dependent on shipowners’ requested currency.

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