About our chartering services

Similar to ride hailing apps, cargo owners will be able to find suitable vessels by updating their open cargo, while shipowners who update their vessels’ open positions will be matched with suitable cargo—all these processes are completed by utilizing our smart AI engine. Marine Online’s platform will match cargo owners with vessels with open cargo with suitable dates and destinations, and our dedicated online team will make the necessary arrangements upon there being a match without the need for either cargo owners or shipowners to pay any commission.

Once both ship and cargo owners come to an agreement online, shipowners will be able to save on commissions of up to 3.75%, since Marine Online will not charge any commission for this service. We are providing this service without charge so as to attract both cargo owners and shipowners into our ecosystem. If cargo owners and shipowners are satisfied with the service that we provide, they may opt to use Marine Online’s other services as well.

News about Chartering
Declined capesize earnings weaken Baltic Index
Earlier this month, stronger panamax rates raising the Baltic Exchange’s main sea freight index elevated the industry’s optimism as it offset a drop in the larger capesize sector. However, further weakened rates for the larger capesize segment instead implicated panama’s and supramax’s performance.
Iron ore prices spikes, steel demand hikes, coking coal import quota declines
The iron ore market and coking coal market saw a dramatic increase in prices in the past week. It is mainly due to the Chinese economy hurled back to steadiness and levels seen before the COVID-19 pandemic.
Indonesia to experience fall in coal production in the second half of 2020
Indonesia coal miners are expected to experience a drop in production in an attempt to increase export prices and to ensure margins are kept for the rest of the year. The Indonesian Coal Mining Association released a notice advising miners to reduce their production in light of lukewarm demand and …