Chartering Online: User guide for Vessel/Cargo Matching

Providing greater visibility for a better chartering experience.


Account Creation + Verification

Sign up for a free account with us using your email, your registered email will also receive the latest vessel or cargo orders – enabling your swift response to quote and receive quote.

Upon registration, Marine Online’s customer service will be in touch for account verification procedures. Cargo owners would be required to submit Certificate of Incorporation, while shipowners are to provide fleet information. All verification procedures are performed free of charge.



Update Vessel / Cargo Details

Shipowners can login and update their vessel’s open port and open date information. The platform will match suitable cargo orders for shipowners’ quotation.

Cargo owners would need to input their cargo details (name, volume, loading/discharging ports and Laycan information). They will receive collated system matches from thousands of available vacant vessels for consideration. Cargo owners can also initiate direct negotiations with shipowners on rates and conditions.

Cargo owners can opt to transact on private or market orders while posting cargo information. The market orders will be posted onto the Cargo Centre for shipowners’ active browsing and initiate a negotiation almost immediately. The private orders will be processed by Marine Online’s system matching engine, thus will not be circulated.



Receive Matching Vessel / Cargo Information or Quotations

After your updating of vessel / cargo information, our A.I.’s uniquely created algorithm will perform smart matching between several metrics, including vessel and cargo type, ship tonnage and cargo quantity, vessel's open port and cargo’s loading port, and vessel’s open date and Laycan. Upon a successful match, all parties will be notified and receive the quotation and agreed terms through the mobile app or email.



Charter Negotiation

Parties will receive an alert on an offer or request, which they can choose to accept or counter propose till a consensus is reached during negotiation. All negotiation details will be kept confidential. Marine Online’s team of chartering professionals are ready to assist and offer any related advisory to enable more informed decisions.



Subject Recap & Clean Fixture

After all parties’ agreement on subs (after final negotiation), a complete charter party will be generated to all upon fixture confirmation, together with a list of required documents required for any terminal or commercial clearances.


Documents & Appointments

Marine Online will be the main contact point between ships and cargo owners – executing all liaisons which include sending of periodic reminders of required paperwork to be submitted to our portal. All documentation will be captured in our platform for record purposes, kept confidential and easily retrievable. No correspondence or related documents will be shared with a third party without prior written approval from related parties.


Unforeseen circumstances are norm in maritime. Apart from chartering services, Marine Online is also ready to assist in the event of any unforeseen voyage issues - including advising the next best replacement match available within our platform along with revised schedules.

Pre-load & Pre-discharge Clearance

Marine Online will be responsible for clearance of all pre-load and discharge documents and appointments. The Notice of Readiness (NOR) tendered along with port and loading/discharging documents will be archived for record purposes.