MOL | Marine credits facilities for purchases to help your cash flow
  • 20,000 - 1,000,000
  • Credit Lines (USD)
  • 30
  • Days Credit Term
  • 3
  • Working Day Approval In Average

Why Use

Marine Credits?

Marine Credits is a single credit facility from Marine Online and have access to global suppliers

Benefit to


  • Receive instant US$20,000 Marine Credits or up to US$1,000,000 Marine Credits extension for high transaction volume and ease of cash flows
  • Access to over 10,000 products/services, covering 700+ ports
  • Exceptional Service Quality guaranteed

Benefit to


  • Receive 10X more orders by accepting Marine Credits
  • Guaranteed payment from Marine Online, eliminate risk should shipowners default payment
  • Option to get order payment upon delivery through Marine Online financing service1

1 Subjected to approval, terms and condition applies

Services Accepting Payments by Marine Credits

  • Marine credits facilities for purchases
  • Marine credits facilities for purchases
    Marine Supplies
  • Marine credits facilities for purchases
    Port Agency
  • Marine credits facilities for purchases
    Crew Training
  • Marine credits facilities for purchases
    Marine Services

How It Works

  • For


    Apply for Marine Credits from Marine Online Platform

  • For


    Marine Credits as payment method

  • Consume

    Place order using Marine Credits as payment method

  • Confirm & fulfill orders

    Paid with Marine Credits

  • Repayment

    Top-up cash to repay the marine Credits used within credit terms

  • Redeem

    Redeem Marine Credits to cash upon credit due date, or apply to get advance payment2 by financing service

  • 2 Subject to approval, terms and condition applies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Shipowners

    Who can apply for Marine Credits?

    All shipowners and ship management companies who registered and verified on our Marine Online Platform are eligible to apply for Marine Credits subject to approval.

    How do I apply for Marine Credits?

    To apply for Marine Credits more than US$20,000, you can send your Marine Credits application to and enclosing the required documents stated below:


    • Certificate of Incorporation with Shareholder Details
    • Latest Audited Financial Statement

    How long would it take for my Marine Credits application to be approved?

    Marine Online will notify you of your approved Marine Credits within 3 working days from your application.

    How do I check my Marine Credits balance?

    Login Marine Online, go to user center, find My Marine Credits on the side menu, all your Marine Credits will store here as well as the balance information.

    What is the amount of Marine Credits that I would be granted?

    The number of Marine Credits you could be granted is subject to approval based on the required documents you provided.

    Do I have to pay a fee to apply for and use Marine Credits?

    It’s absolutely free to apply for Marine Credits. Besides, we will not charge any credit fee if you replenish the Marine Credits used within the credit term provided always that late repayment would invite late payment penalty (0.05% per day).

    How do I top-up or replenish my Marine Credits?

    You may top-up or replenish your Marine Credits by way of T/T transfer to your online account designated by Marine Online which can be found in your user centre.

    Can I apply to increase the number of my Marine Credits?

    You may do so by submitting further required documents to justify a higher Marine Credits to be granted to you.

  • Suppliers

    How do I qualify to choose Marine Credits as a preferred payment mode?

    Supplier will have to accept Marine Credits as payment method.

    Why do I choose Marine Credits as a preferred payment mode?

    Not only will you enjoy an increase in the number of orders, by choosing Marine Credits as a preferred mode of payment, your services and goods shall be supplied with a guaranteed payment.

    How is payment due to me “guaranteed”?

    All Marine Credits you received in your online account could be redeemed to cash when credit term is due. The redeemed cash shall be paid directly from (i) the relevant shipowner; (ii) in the event the said shipowner were to default on the payment, Marine Online shall make the said payment to you without delay.

    How can Marine Online fulfill its guarantee?

    Guaranteed payment by Marine Online is made based on the synergy and support of reputable 3rd party insurance company, so your payment is 100% secured by both Marine Online and 3rd party insurance company.

    How do I redeem cash from my Marine Credits and make withdrawal?

    Upon credit due date, you will be able to redeem cash using your Marine Credits in the account management and withdraw to your designated bank account directly.

    What is the cost to choose Marine Credits as the preferred payment mode?

    Choosing Marine Credits as your preferred payment mode will not incur any cost from you. The orders you collected from the Marine Online Platform will be subject to a nominal service fee despite the payment method.
    Click here for more information on the service fee schedule.

    Can I still get orders without choosing Marine Credits as a preferred payment mode?

    Yes. You may choose not to prefer Marine Credits as the mode of payment. You are encouraged to accept Marine Credits as the preferred mode of payment as this will exponentially increase your sales which comes with a 100% guaranteed payment as 90% of the shipowners prefer to pay with Marine Credits.

    What is “Advance Payment”?

    Advance Payment is a financing service provided by Marine Online and partners. This service will enable you to collect instant cash from Marine Online immediately upon delivery. Up to 100% of the order value will be remitted into your online cash account instantly after deduction of financing interest. Contact us for more information.

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