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We are able to provide shipowners with emergency maritime rescue services spanning areas, such as oil spill handling, tugboats for towing in the event of engine failure or grounding, divers for underwater inspections or assistance, as well as helicopters from over 700+ ports around the world, which ensures a quick response time. Conventional maritime services such as lifesaving and firefighting equipment inspection, heli-service support, mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance, bunker survey, equipment calibration, debunkering and tank cleaning support, and certificate renewal are available as well.

News about marine services
Israel deals with oil spill – one of its most severe ecological disasters
The Mediterranean beaches were forced to close when up to 170km of the 190km shore was tainted by sticky tar mid-month.
Balancing cash flow and maritime services expenditure
Shipowners mostly rely on their cash flow to foot the numerous bills involving their vessels’ maintenance. For owners of big vessels, they have the financial bandwidth to withstand any expenditure. The same however cannot be said for small- and medium-sized vessel shipowners.
Marine Online and Panama Embassy Officially Launch World’s First Online Portal
SINGAPORE, Dec. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The first official online portal for Panama registry, crew endorsement and other Panama maritime services is now available at WWW.MARINEONLINE.COM/PANAMA.