Port agency / Shipping agency services from MOL, Singapore, worldwide
Marine Services

24/7 Responding to Emergency and Standard Services

Emergency Services

  • Oil Spill

    Oil Spill

    Arrange for the deployment of oil spill response equipment.

  • Tug Boat

    Tug Boat

    Arrange for towing assistance in event of engine/steering failure or grounding.

  • Diver


    Arrange for diver assistance in event of grounding, propeller entanglement or plugging of overboard suction/discharge.



+65 3138 5333

Standard Services(Additional discount of 2% for any 3 services selected and 5% for any 5 services)
Port of Service:Singapore

Ordinary Technical Services

  • Heli-Service Support

    Heli-Service Support

    Arrange helicopter operations for crew changes, pilot transfer, emergency situations and/or rescue.

  • Debunkering / Tank Cleaning Support

    Debunkering / Tank Cleaning Support

    Arrange for reception tanker, pumping equipment to discharge offspecs bunker.

Other Marine and Technical services

  • Flag and Class Requirements

    Firefighting/life rafts/radio equipment and other items.

  • Mechanical / Electrical Services

    Main/aux engine, pumps, turbines, boilers, electrical switch board and others.

  • Inspections / Survey

    Bunker quantity/quality survey, condition survey, P&I, pre-purchase inspection and others.

  • Calibration And Certification

    Pressure gauge, thermometer, gas detector, sample testing and other related.