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Shell Lubricants - Shell Alexia 50 Cylinder Oil (Bulk)

Sub Category: Cylinder Oil

US $1.87/ Bulk

Brand: SHELL

Accepting Marine Credits


Main Application

• Cylinder lubrication of low speed marine diesel engines which burn residual fuel with a sulphur content of between 1.0 to 4.0% weight.

Benefits of using Shell Alexia 50

Improved Engine Reliability • Outstanding acid neutralising properties which help to prolong the life of components • Minimal deposits on pistons, piston rings, ring grooves, under piston spaces and in cylinder ports. • Low cylinder and piston ring wear with typical cylinder wear rates below 0.05 mm per 1000 hours due to enhanced boundary lubrication properties. Lower Maintenance Costs • Keeps engines exceptionally clean, minimises maintenance requirements and allows the periods between overhauls to be extended Re-assurance • Completely stable in storage under all the widely varying conditions encountered aboard ship • Proven ability to keep engines clean and control wear & scuffing in the latest engine designs • Compatible with all normal oil seal materials.