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Senior Officer Evaluation Program
Senior Officer Evaluation Program

Sub Category: In-house Courses

USD 200.00/ PAX


The program is designed to evaluate the performance of Chief Officer in different/ common simulated environment; including ship handling and bridge resource management to ensure their ability undertake roles of Masters and command the ship safely.

CONTENT: The Course syllabus focuses on:
• Full mission bridge familiarization
• Evaluation Evaluation Criteria:
• Bridge Pre-arrival checklist was completed
• Safety parameters on ECDIS were correctly set, taking into account the prevailing conditions
• A pre-exercise interactive briefing with the bridge team was conducted
• Tasks and responsibilities of individual bridge team members were assigned and delegated
• Invitation to other bridge team members to challenge doubtful actions and intentions was made
• Closed-loop communication style with shipboard personnel was used
• Closed-loop communication style with the pilot was used
• The designated anchoring point, as advised by the pilot, was verified and confirmed with the VTIS
• Closed-loop communication style with the VTIS operators was used
• Both radars alternately used and set at different ranges
• All dangerous targets in the vicinity were monitored and tracked using both radars
• COLREGS 15, crossing situation, was correctly applied
• Appropriate lights and/or shapes during NUC situation was correctly displayed
• NUC situation immediately was reported to the VTIS
• Emergency message (SECURITE) was correctly broadcasted on VHF Ch. 16 and on working Ch. 06
• Ship’s positions were monitored/plotted every 5 minutes interval with radar ranges and bearings and alternately with GPS-derived positions
• Challenges, if any, from team members responded in a positive manner
• In challenging situations, the inputs of other bridge team members were considered before coming up with a decision
• Grounding or collision with any structure or other vessels in the vicinity was avoided
• A balanced level of authority and assertiveness among bridge team members was maintained at all times
• A proper hand-over was carried out with the relieving bridge team

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Chief Officer with promotion to Captain.