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AC Condenser repair

Sub Category: Other Marine Services

US $6850/ SET

Accepting Marine Credits


Details: A Complete Fabrication of Tube Bundle
Supply the labor & consumable to renew the tube bundle including tubehseet. On completion, Shell side tested to the required pressure. Note: - Scope excludes supply/renewal of shell and covers. - Scope includes repair work of suction valves connections(TBC) - Scope includes welding of flange of suction pipe on shell.

B Supply of Material Tubes: CuNi Low Fin x OD 16mmx 1.5mmthk x 1500mmL x 132nos Tubesheet: SS316 x OD 325mm x 25mmThk x 02 Nos Baffle Plate: Brass x OD300mmx 6mmthk x 01Pc (estimated) Terms & Conditions 1. Our price is based on per unit Ex-works Singapore. Quoted prices are in SG$. 2. Our price is based on our normal standard working hours exclude overtime. 3. Our price excludes excess removal and additional repairs not stated herewith. 4. Our price excludes cranage, sea, land transportation & Staging, if any. 5. Our price excludes any shipyard surcharges, if any.

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