Ship Supply
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Our platform integrates data of more than 200,000 ships, including bulk carriers, containers, tankers, chemicals, LPG/LNG, yacht/cruise ships and offshore ships, allowing for low cost, quick transactions for the sale of second-hand ships. In addition, it also incorporates new shipbuilding services from shipyards all over the world. To facilitate these processes, other services offered include technology, valuation, financing, business negotiations, supervision of construction and delivery i.e to provide shipowners with emergency maritime rescue services spanning areas, such as oil spill handling, tugboats for towing in the event of engine failure or grounding, divers for underwater inspections or assistance, as well as helicopters from over 700+ ports around the world, which ensures a quick response time. Conventional maritime services such as lifesaving and firefighting equipment inspection, heli-service support, mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance, bunker survey, equipment calibration, debunkering and tank cleaning support, and certificate renewal are available as well.

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